Stadium Savers

Stadium Savers is a comprehensive, engineered system for applying tiered seating to any facility.

Practical, proven and economically-friendly, the Stadium Savers EPS Geofoam stadium seating riser system can meet any design configuration both simple and complex. Owners love our cost, architects love our flexibility, and contractors love the ease of installation. It’s no wonder that our product has been installed in over 2,300 auditoriums.

How It Works

Stadium Savers, LTD tiered /stadium seating system can be assembled quickly with unskilled labor

Featured Projects

Stadium Savers, LTD tiered /stadium riser seating product can be applied to any facility that requires tiered / stadium riser seating. We can implement our tiered /stadium seating riser system in churches, choir risers, educational facilities, lecture halls, home theatres, home theaters, schools, auditoriums, theaters, movie theatres, cinemas, concert halls, stadium arenas, sports facilities, or in any other facility that needs tiered / stadium riser seating.